Health Stats

Updated January 23, 2012.

Height: 5’4″ (And don’t I always wish I was taller. Can someone please hurry up and make a pill for that.)

Weight: 159.6 lbs.

Body type: Hourglass/Pear

Measurements: 38/34/41 (I use to always have a less than 30inch waist, how horrible that 4inches can make me feel like crap)

Trouble area one: thighs ( I carry my weight on my thighs and have always had a hard time losing weight here.)

Trouble area two: stomach and hips (like most women)

Meat Eater: No red meats, chicken, or turkey, I currently only eat fish. I’ve even given up shellfish.

Diet: Consists heavily of dairy (especially cheese) and carbs. Not enough green veggies.

Biggest Temptations: Cheese, Desserts, and Cheetos. I could give up almost all other Junk foods besides Cheetos. My mom is a huge baker so I always have some kind of dessert readily available.


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